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Second Quarter - 2019 | Issue #6






“AEG is developing applications serving gpi and blockchain fast payment systems”



Word from the CEO

2019 has been a busy year so far. We have been working on multiple security and quality assurance projects, some of which are complete and others being finalized. We are glad to state that 95% of our clients are compliant. We are now reaping the results of our hard work in this direction and still putting in more efforts to achieve more together with our clients. Moreover, we are extending our market further in the Gulf area, following Bahrain, KSA, UAE, Oman and Qatar, we are now present in Kuwait.

Anticipating much more for the next two quarters, we are continuously working on new solutions to meet the needs and requirements of the industry. We are enhancing our Service Bureau offering with new products and services. Soon we will be announcing the release of a new inhouse-developed product that performs security monitoring and control.

Besides, we will be organizing and participating in a number of events. We were present at the SWIFT African Regional Conference, and will be at Sibos this September. Moreover, we will be holding several CSP-related events in different countries such as Bahrain, Iraq and Angola among others. We put a lot of thought into these events as we believe that connecting with our community is key to raise the caliber of our performance and keeps us ahead in providing the best to our customers.

Dr. Mohamed Sadek – CEO and General Manager


 Accuity Partner Day and Client Summit

Accuity Partner Day took place on June 17 where Accuity gathered its partner in order to present and discuss its strategic updates, the Fircosoft vision and roadmap for 2019 and beyond, new product developments, new innovations by Accuity and to further explore innovation by its partners: there was held a presentation of selected innovations in financial crime screening from the partners. AEG, represented by Product Manager Mr. Issam Kawsan, has presented its views and plans for ameliorating the business impact of this partnership for both Accuity and AEG.

Further, Accuity had held a Client Summit on the 18th and 19th of June where we had the opportunity to meet some clients of ours as well. This summit was intended to share with clients the latest technologies and innovations redefining banking through AI and financial crime screening.


ARC 2019

The African Regional Conference took place in Accra – Ghana from June 18 till 20 this year. It has been a pleasure, as always, to exhibit and participate in this event.

This conference is intended to look at how Africa’s financial industry is evolving – a subject matter that lies at the heart of our interest in this region. We had the chance to engage with industry experts from across the region and with our clients as well. It was good to provoke thought and brainstorm common concerns and latest technologies. Our participation has been very valuable and fruitful and we are expecting to do more and more business in the African region.



Sibos 2019

This year, Sibos is taking place in London UK from September 23 till 26. We are excited to meet our peers and clients at Sibos to discuss and share insights about the latest trends in the financial industry and to exchange knowledge and awareness. Hottest topics will be at the table for discussion such as reinventing payments, data security, and compliance among others.

We are looking forward to meeting you there.

AEG and Sonema at Grand Prix Monaco 2019

In response to Sonema’s kind invitation for a socialization trip to Monaco to watch Formula1’s Grand Prix taking place on May 26 and to visit Sonema’s premises, Dr. Sadek, CEO, and Mr. El Harakeh, Business Development Manager, were glad to accept the invitation and join Sonema’s team for an interesting weekend and an unforgettable experience.


Throughout the stay, various business discussions and topics of mutual interest were raised and it has been very fruitful and promising. There will be many positive outcomes to these meetings that will be inevitably reflected on our mutual business as partners and consequently on the business of our clients as well.


AEG SmartSMD Application

Smart SWIFT Message Dispatcher

The manual process of printing, recording, distributing and reconciliating physical inbound SWIFT messages is time-consuming and is subject to duplication or sending to wrong recipient. This implied the need to automate the process among users across the bank.

AEG responds to its customers’ needs and creates SmartSMD: SWIFT Message Dispatcher. This solution automates manual process and time-consuming distribution of SWIFT inbound messages through the development and implementation of an AEG customized middleware application that securely integrates with SWIFT Alliance Access of the bank.

For more information, contact your account manager here.

Migration to SWIFT Release 7.3

By the end of January 2020, SWIFT will stop providing support for Alliance Access and Alliance Gateway version 7.2. AEG is in the course of migrating its customers’ SWIFT systems in order to meet the deadlines. Communication between our support team and the banks’ teams is needed in order to coordinate all details related to the intervention.

For more details, kindly contact our Support team



In This Issue



01.    Events



02.    AEG and Sonema at

Grand Prix Monaco 2019


03.    SMD Application


04.    Migration to Release 7.3








“AEG is always delighted to meet with clients, partners and peers to discuss the latest challenges and trends of common interest”





ü  NBB – Bahrain: SmartFT

ü  NBK – Bahrain: List Automation

ü  NBK – Bahrain: CSP Premium Support

ü  BBK – Bahrain: CSP Premium Support

ü  NBB – Bahrain: CSP Premium Support

ü  BISB – Bahrain: CSP Premium Support

ü  NBK – Bahrain: AEG CSP

ü  AUB – Bahrain: AEG gpi-PRO

ü  NBK – Kuwait: Dual-Factor Authentication

ü  Banque Populaire Maroco- Centrafricaine B.P.M.C. – Central African Republic: SWIFT Migration

ü  Vista Bank – Guinea:  AEG AST, LAU Module

ü  Coris Bank – Niger: New AEG-SB Joining Customer





 “Promising expectations of business with Sonema”







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