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“The lockdowns and restrictions have undoubtedly brought in some innovative insights…”




Word from the CEO

We are still dealing with the consequences of the pandemic that seems to be staying with us for quite a while. We are taking the highest measures in order stay safe and protected and to maintain business continuity on our side and on our clients’ side as well.

We are more focused than ever to bring the best to our clients as our way of fighting the pandemic. We are procuring and developing new products and tools that add automation and facilitation to manual tasks.

The lockdowns and restrictions have undoubtedly brought in some innovative insights driven by the new needs that have emerged. We have gained more flexibility to be able to deal with all the limitations and successfully overcome all the imposed challenges.

We are hoping that the impact of COVID19 stops by mid 2021, and that the rest of the year would be more active on the business level. We hope that soon enough we would be back on roadshows, seminars, and events so that we can interact again with the global financial community.

Dr. Mohamed Sadek – CEO and General Manager

TIPS – SWIFTNet Instant

SWIFT has announced lately that  SWIFTNet Instant is now live on the Eurosystem’s Target instant payment settlement (TIPS). And it is now available through AEG Service Bureau. SWIFTNet Instant enables access through a single user interface to multiple instant payments systems in Europe for both domestic and cross-border payments. 

Alliance Gateway Instant (AGI) will be used to assure the connectivity between the AEG Service Bureau and the SWIFTNet Instant network. AGI is highly secure, has a light weight footprint and resilient configurations. In the case of Handling TIPS, AEG MidSys3 application will provide the needed functionality in order for the financial institutions to exchange TIPS Messages.

AEG MidSys3 application is an essential prerequisite for this solution where the following features will be provided:

-        Mapping TIPS messages from Back Office Proprietary format to the Standard TIPS format;

-        Providing the LAU function. This module is an Application-to-Application authentication solution. The first Application will authenticate the batch generated from its side with a HASH. The corresponding application will very this HASH, upload the file in case the HASH is valid and reject it otherwise;

-        Handling the signature into Business Application Header/Business File Header (BAF/BFH) and also Verify incoming signatures in the BAH/BFH.

-        Performing format Validation. The solution applies all the semantics and syntactic validations relevant to each MX/MT based on Target2 schema and rules.

A New Partnership

As a part of AEG’s continuous strive to bring the best to its clients and to provide cutting-edge solutions, AEG always looks to partner with leaders in the field.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Ivanti, a leader in the IT software business. We are particularly leveraging their solutions for application control and application lifecycle management. These solutions are intended to facilitate and automate tasks that otherwise are time-consuming and hectic when done manually. A brief is provided in the following article under the names of SmartControl and SmartPatch.

New Products

In line with its mission, AEG is always in the course of looking for opportunities to cater for the needs of its clients and serving them state-of-the-art solutions. Whether partnered or inhouse solutions, AEG seeks to serve what the financial community truly wants and needs. Below is a brief list of our new products:

SmartControl offers IT unprecedented control over endpoints, reducing security risk while providing a great user experience in the latest Windows environments. This solution delivers secure Windows privilege management that lets you remove user full-admin rights and prevents unauthorized executables such as malware, ransomware, unlicensed software, and other unknown applications from being installed or executed. SmartControl enables your IT team to manage application access and user privileges efficiently across your desktop and server estate.

SmartPatch covers everything related to application lifecycle management and patching. It finds online and offline systems, scans for missing patches and deploys them.

Team Password Manager: When it comes to this baffling amount of sensitive, password-protected data across so many streams and team members, responsible organization becomes a must for a streamlined work flow. Luckily, Team Password Manager can take care of all of these common problems, fix your work flow, and make password management easier across all teams, departments, and organizations.

AEG Internet Proxy is easy-to-use and powerful proxy server. AEG Internet Proxy can support broadband, DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN and DDN connections, it helps you build your own proxy server and share Internet connection within the LAN efficiently and easily.

AEG Snap Tool is a disk imaging software that enables the user to back up, restore and view backed up hard disk data, easily and safely.

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Our Projects

Despite the hard circumstances and the limitations we are being subjected to, we are proud to say that we are undertaking projects, implementing solutions and finalizing all our tasks on time and with the highest client satisfaction possible. The past year has not been easy, yet it was filled with productivity and success stories. In the same fashion, we are expecting this year to be even more productive and successful, especially that we and our clients have adapted to the new ways of conducting business dealing with COVID19.

Currently, AEG is undertaking big projects in Africa in compliance with CSCF 2021, implementing turn-key solutions covering all controls in the framework. Moreover, AEG is assisting its clients who have had unfortunate incidents related to security breaches with incident management and digital forensic investigations.

Further, we are still receiving requests and implementing our inhouse payment solutions such as AEG gpi-PRO, AEG CPS and EPS, and our clients are very satisfied with the outcomes.

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01.    TIPS – SWIFTNet Instant



02.    A New Partnership



03.    New Products



04.    Our Projects





“Target Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS) is now available through AEG Service Bureau”








“AEG is partnering with Ivanti to bring the best to you”







“New products are available to further facilitate and automate tasks”





Reminders and Announcements

ü  AEG Service Bureau latest inspection report was issued in compliance of SIPSOF

ü  AEG partnered with Ivanti, a leader in the IT software business

ü  CSP Community Standard Assessments to be mandated by June 2021 | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook